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Shawn with sunglasses

July 2011

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Shawn is super happy

"Near Miss" Fanfic, Chapter 8/12 of "Summer Treats" (Psych) Shawn/Carlton, T Rated

Title: "Near Miss" (Chapter 8/12 of "Summer Treats")
Author: fanvoid
Pairing: Shawn/Carlton
Rating: T for Teen!
Disclaimer: I don't own the show. Wish I did, but who doesn't?
Description: An increasing number of strange deaths at a seaside hotel bring on a case of undercover blues for Carlton who finds he is working along side Shawn Spencer yet again. Still struggling to sort out his feelings for the Psychic, Carlton must also solve the case before time runs out and another innocent person dies.
Notes: Well this one is longer, hip hip and all that. I would have posted it yesterday but I ran out of time before a party and I wasn't really in the posting mindset when I got home last night. So here you go! Hope you enjoy and thank you for all the comments. I will go back and reply to each one because you guys rock!

For the next three hours Carlton conducted a number of sweeps of the hotel in an attempt to note people of interest. What he actually created was a list of five guests who actually appeared to be normal by comparison to the majority of eclectic hotel patrons.

After passing the pool area for a third time a plain looking woman with shoulder black hair approached him. She wore a uniform like Juliet’s.

“Sir?” She asked very politely. “Are you lost or looking for someone?”

A potential murderer would have been the straight answer but then his cover would be blown. He glanced out over the large turquoise pool and host of guests swimming and splashing around. He hadn’t thought to bring swim trunks – at least then he’d have a reason for loitering.

“He’s with me.” Shawn said, joining them. Carlton tried to mask his surprise. The fact Shawn could sneak around so stealthily was old news. He either needed to get used to it or stop being so shocked.

“Oh, okay sir.” She excused herself with a quick smile and scurried back to her work station.

Shawn hadn’t changed his shirt despite Carlton’s reservations, though he had opted to slip into a pair of flip-flops rather than Roos. Coupled with his knee length blue jeans he looked the part of a very loud tourist.

“I see you went with lawyer rather than relaxed newly wed.” Shawn continued, sizing up Carlton’s latest wardrobe change. If he was disappointed Carlton hadn’t put on one of his humble offerings he didn’t show it.

“Where have you been?” Carlton asked suspiciously. He didn’t trust Shawn’s non-reaction or his long absence.

“I was here and there,” Shawn said gesturing vaguely. “But that’s not important.”

“It’s not?” Carlton asked dryly.

“Nooo no noo…” Shawn planted both hands on Carlton’s shoulders and pivoted him until he had his back to the pool. Then he dropped a guiding arm over his shoulders. “Did you know over half the guests here have been staying for several weeks?”

Carlton allowed Shawn to guide him into the hallway with only a little reservation. It was enough to wonder where the hell they were going but not enough to dig his heels in and stop their procession.

“I figured it was safe to assume.” He replied.

“But not all of them lock their rooms. Most of them leave them cracked with a shoe in the door so they don’t need a key card to get back in.”

There was an image that made complete sense – Shawn breaking into private suites all day long. Carlton turned and frowned his disapproval at him. “Why would you know that?”

“Not important.” Shawn repeated, giving Carlton’s shoulder a light tap. “Did you also know that each employee carries a master key for every room?”

“Yes, actually I did.” He replied.

They were crossing the main entry hall – going back behind the fountain to the elevators. Late afternoon sunlight spilled in through the entrance granting the dark décor a golden gleam. Carlton caught a glimpse of Juliet at the front desk as they passed. She was talking to a man he didn’t recognize but his view was cut short when he was jerked into the elevator.

The Psychic’s arm remained draped over his shoulder once they were alone. It wasn’t necessary – he already had Carlton in the elevator, it wasn’t like he could run away with the door shut.

Shawn reached past them and pressed ‘24’. He wasn’t leaning – that would be a logical reason for the extended contact. No, he just stood there smelling like Phoenix and simply Shawn and feeling feverishly hot through the thin fabric of his floral shirt.

Carlton stood there pressed against him, listening to the Psychic breathe in the heavy silence while the elevator continued moving between floors. It wasn’t all that bad of an experience.

As they neared the tenth floor Carlton glanced at his wrist watch. It was only five in the afternoon. Why were they turning in so early? It was true Carlton hadn’t come up with anything, but that hardly meant he wanted to give up.

He opened his mouth to object and promptly found Shawn’s index finger over his lips.

“Bup bup. Not important.”

Carlton shrugged Shawn’s arm off out of annoyance and glared. “You seem to have a pretty firm grasp on what’s important.”

Shawn met his hostility with a cheeky grin. “I do actually, thanks for noticing.”

The elevator stopped at their floor and the reflective doors slid open. Carlton hesitated. He was very aware of all the things they could end up doing back in their room. Logic said that none of it would happen – that he was panicking over nothing. But he couldn’t convince his feet to move.

Shawn did the thinking for him. Once more he risked Carlton’s wrath with an arm over his shoulder and a few guiding steps into the hall.

“I know,” He said in a voice reserved for small kids and crazy people. “That you wanted to haunt the halls some more. I get that and I completely agree that it is very important. But maybe you want to wait an hour or two before you do it again, huh? Jules found me a little earlier and told me people were getting nervous about the tall creepy man staring at them. She asked me to do damage control.”

Really? That was why Shawn was doing this? He dropped his shoulders and let most of the tension roll off them. This wasn’t some elaborate scheme to throw him in bed. Disappointment danced at the corner of reason. No, that was good. He didn’t want to complicate matters. Why would Carlton think Shawn would be doing that in the first place? He was the one having inappropriate thoughts.

He sighed and allowed Shawn to steer him down the narrow hall to their suite.

The room had been cleaned since he’d last left. The desk was sans dirty dishes and the bed had been made up with all of its pillows back on top and Shawn’s shirts were folded and stacked neatly at its foot.

Shawn swept in and armed himself with a menu that was tucked behind the phone.

“What vice would you like tonight?” He scanned the list. “Shrimp and scallops? Portabella? Stir-fry maybe?”

Carlton wandered over to the love seat and plopped down on the velvet cushions. They weren’t as comfortable as they looked. “Why don’t you surprise me?”

Shawn’s grin said he approved of the suggestion and he tackled the phone like it was the last bottle of hair gel on a discount shelf. “Yes, hi! I want some food brought up here for my hubby and me.”

Carlton watched him curl the phone’s cord around his fist and imagined that the person on the other line was a gorgeous sounding girl. There weren’t too many reasons for Shawn to look that interested while ordering room service.

“Oh you have specials?” Shawn practically purred. His voice hit Carlton with a jolt of pleasure that rolled down his spine and left him feeling boneless. “That sounds really nice Martha.” The cord twisted and then loosened as he played it between his fingers. “You know what? Give me two of those. Medium and well done…”

Carlton could say Shawn was nothing special until his face was red but it didn’t change the minor and slightly more embarrassing things his body did in response to having the Psychic nearby. He shifted in his seat and scowled at the dresser across from him until Shawn ended his call.

The Psychic drifted over and swung the small doors on the dresser open to reveal a television. He picked the remote up without looking at Carlton, sat down next to him, and turned the TV on.

They watched local news for the next hour. Carlton appreciated the silence that had fallen between them. It allowed him the time needed to reign in his feelings before they led him astray. It was only the first day and he needed to exercise more restrain.

Their food was delivered shortly after the international news ended. Shawn ordered New York steaks with baked potatoes.

“You do know money doesn’t grow on trees.” Carlton explained after the room service left. “This can’t be cheap.”

Shawn plucked his plate from the tray and perched himself on the room’s desk, bypassing the need for a chair all together.

“Okay for one – money does grow on trees. It’s made of paper. Two, this was the dinner special so it’s a lot cheaper than most of the menu.”

Carlton took his own plate back to the love seat and began to cut his steak up. “We should decide on sleeping arrangements while we’re here.”

Shawn shoved a fork full of meat in his mouth and proceeded to talk around it much to Carlton’s disgust. “You didn’t want to share the bed?”

Carlton narrowed his eyes. Sharing was the last thing he wanted. “I’m not going to sleep with you Spencer.”

Shawn put his fork down and smacked his lips. “Mmmhm. Okay. I can see how that could be awkward for some. Are we flipping a coin for the love seat or do you want to use straws?”

Carlton set his plate aside and dug a quarter from his pocket. “Heads I get the bed,” he explained. “Tails you do.”

Carlton flicked the coin and caught it with his palm. He turned it upside down over the back of his hand and pulled the hand covering it away.

“Tails.” He said with a grimace.

“Woohoo.” Shawn exclaimed. “It’s a good thing too. I’ve got a sensitive back. It’s been that way ever since I spent a summer doing trapeze at the circus.”

Carlton continued to frown but said nothing. He could have lied; it wouldn’t have been that difficult with Shawn being so far away. The love seat was not going to be comfortable.

He stood up and set his plate on top of the dresser. “I’m going down stairs again. I want to talk with a few more people.”

Shawn hopped off the desk and put his plate where he’d been sitting. “Great, I’ll come along.”

Carlton frowned. He didn’t need company. He liked working alone. “That’s not necessary.”

Shawn’s look of disapproval stopped him from saying anything else. The young Psychic placed his fists on his hips and raised an eyebrow in challenge. “Not necessary but at this point highly recommended. Do you really want to spook the tourists with your whole-“ He gestured up and down with one hand. “Miami Vice look? Face it Lassie, you need me on your arm so people don’t smell cop from a mile away.”

A valid point Shawn knew he couldn’t argue and win. He retired to the bathroom to brush his teeth while Shawn changed back into shoes, and then waited while Shawn did the same. They retreated to the elevator and rode down to the second floor a few minutes later.

Heavy bass reached their ears the minute the doors opened. It wasn’t a mindless techno beat so much as the distant cords of more familiar 80’s songs.

Shawn hooked an arm around Carlton’s and led him down the hall past the dining area and a slow trickle of nicely dressed guests moving in the same direction.

One of the conference rooms Carlton had taken stock of earlier was opened up and clearly the epicenter for the music they were hearing. A spectrum of colorful dance lights broke the darkness like sharp lances, briefly outlining moving figures surging together with a hypnotic rhythm as Pat Benatar blasted loud over hidden speakers.

It was hardly the crowd Carlton would associate with outside of work but it was a decent sized gathering. If there was anything to learn he could potentially find it here. He let Shawn drag him from the well lit hall into the room’s collective darkness.

There were at least twenty couples in the midst of dancing and a great deal more crowding a table set up in the back for drinks. He recognized some from his long day’s work, but there were a good number more he hadn’t seen before.

“Come on, hubby.” Shawn tugged at his arm. “Let’s dance.”

He shook his head. “I don’t dance Spencer.”

“Yes you do.” Shawn insisted, tugging more forcefully. “If you dance with me now you wont raise as many suspicions when you drill the guests later.”

Carlton tried to gauge Shawn’s expression but it was nearly impossible to in the flashing lights and immediate darkness.

“Fine,” He said after a minute. “Just one dance and that’s it.”

Shawn took hold of his hand and guided him through the crowd until he found enough space for them to work. Then he turned slowly to face Carlton and rest both of his hands on his hips.

Carlton tried to remain calm and loose. Dancing as stiff as a washboard or completely flaking and running away wasn’t going to sell anything. Shawn made the point that they were a couple for the next six days and it wouldn’t due to wander around solo.

He placed his hands on Shawn’s shoulders and tried to ignore the gender role that had fallen on him with their current positions. Shawn had taken initiative so he was therefore leading. It made perfect sense.

“Invincible” wasn’t a good song for slow dancing but somehow Shawn found a happy medium. He swayed back and forth, dipped at just the right times and rolled their hips together when he rose.

Carlton tried to focus on the faces around them but the dance drew him in like a hypnotic web. Shawn’s eyes were narrowed with concentration, cheeks flushed from the effort of keeping them on beat, and lips pressed together in a fine line. He looked like he did when he focused on his visions – minus the flailing and yelling. It was a nice change. More than once Carlton’s knees threatened to give out but each time Shawn surged up against him and got him firmly planted on the balls of his feet.

It was understandable why all the ladies fell for Shawn. He knew what he was doing. Not every guy did. Carlton liked to think he knew what to do in these sorts of situations but he wasn’t an idiot. Dancing was not his forte.

It registered at the back of his mind that the song had changed but neither one of them moved to stop. They simply adjusted to the new tempo and continued. He could feel an intense heat through the fabric of Shawn’s clothes wherever they touched. He thought maybe it would help to remove it – let the air conditioned room take the edge off.

One of Carlton’s hands slid down the front of Shawn’s shirt – the cloth was damp with sweat. Shawn surged against him, his grip tightening at Carlton’s waist. He wanted it too, he didn’t have to say because Carlton knew. His fingers reached the bottom of Shawn’s shirt and gripped the floral pattern, twisting it up to brush his knuckles against smooth skin. Shawn gasped and his hands slipped, falling down to catch the curve of Carlton’s ass.


The familiar pet name spoken from several feet over acted like a bucket of ice water – jolting Carlton from his stupor. A slap to the face would have succeeded too - or a kick to the groin. Shawn looked like he was considering both though Carlton couldn’t tell whether his foul mood was directed at him or at Travis who saddled up along side them with Adam in tow.

“Travis.” Carlton reluctantly broke away from Shawn, stuffing his hands deep in his pockets to keep them from roaming. “Good to see you again.”

Travis was wearing a deep purple dress shirt and black slacks. They matched Adam’s to a T. If it weren’t for the age gap and slightly different hair colors they could have been twins. As it was they resembled father and son which left them open to the creep factor.

“So this must be your boyfriend.” Travis said, eying Shawn. “He’s cute.”

Shawn had recovered enough to fix a pleasant smile on his face that almost reached his eyes. “We’re married actually. Honey bear, who are these guys?”

“Adam Smith,” Adam said, offering a large callused hand. “And this is Travis, my close friend.”

Shawn accepted his hand with a more thoughtful smile. “It’s nice to meet you. I’m Shawn. Carlton didn’t tell me he made new friends here.”

“Oh?” Travis asked airily. “It was while you were upstairs and he was down here all by his lonesome.”

Carlton suddenly felt very uncomfortable standing between the two men. He could sense tension running off Shawn in nauseating waves.

“Gee, I’m so glad to meet your friends Carlton.” Shawn certainly didn’t sound that way.

“Shawn,” Carlton didn’t like the predatory look Travis was giving the Psychic either. “Adam and I invited Carl to join us this week. Would you care to come along for dinner tomorrow night?”

Carlton remembered hearing that if a person was confronted by a bear, that he either drop into a fetal position or swing his arms and scream. He wondered if he needed to implement the tactic here to avoid further hostility. He hadn’t ever seen Shawn so… hell, Carlton couldn’t even name what he saw in the other’s stiff body language. He just knew he didn’t like it.

“I think we could find time for you.” Shawn replied coolly.

“Okay.” Travis took Adam by the arm and gave Carlton a hungry look. “Tomorrow night at six. We’ll see you there Carl.”

Carlton turned back to Shawn slowly. The bottom button of his shirt was undone from his failed attempt to undress him. The Psychic looked distant and tired.

“I’m going for a walk.” He said shortly. “I’ll see you upstairs.”

Carlton watched him leave. If Travis hadn’t interrupted them, what would have happened? How far would he have taken it? Would Shawn have stopped him?

His hand twitched at the memory of Shawn’s stomach, brushing against the crumpled note in his pocket. He’d opened a whole new can of worms and he had liked it way too much to convince himself otherwise. The question left was whether Shawn had liked it too.

He had no idea how to proceed or if he should. He knew that the most important thing for the time being was solving the case. If he just focused on it maybe he’d survive long enough to figure out a game plan for dealing with his more personal dilemma.

Of course, focusing on a case that required him to pretend Shawn was his husband was going to be an absolute bitch. He wanted to focus on the job but it was completely submerged in his personal affairs. There was no easy way around it.

Carlton swore.

He took a brisk walk outside to clear his mind and then returned to their hotel room. The lights were off and he was surprised to find Shawn sleeping on the love seat rather than the bed.

‘Easy’ was no longer a word in Carlton’s dictionary. He considered himself one of the greatest detectives on the force, but despite his years of training he still couldn’t understand what made Shawn Spencer tick and why he was inexplicably drawn to the man.

He changed into sweat pants then climbed into bed. Maybe everything would make sense in the morning. But it was more likely to be even more muddled than it already was. That was usually Carlton’s luck. But he grabbed onto that hope and fell asleep a short while later with it tucked firmly beside him.

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